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About Us

Since its founding in 1990, Hanover International has advised hundreds of micro, small and mid-cap companies - both public and private - with defining and implementing effective capital formation, new business development and institutional shareholder relations strategies.

Our team is composed of a group of professionals across a number of disciplines that provide comprehensive advice, support and guidance to companies, both private and public, interested in entering the capital markets. In addition to the vital investment banking services needed by a company new to the capital markets process, our team provides:

• Legal guidance and advice to assure compliance on the state and Federal level, managing and delivering “Blue Sky” reporting services and analyst reports to all states;

• Delivery of press releases directly into the editorial systems at newspapers, wire services, disclosure services, television and other media, full-text into leading portals and websites;

• Developing a comprehensive messaging platform that conveys key corporate messages that will be communicated to Wall Street, strategic partners, media, etc. Those same messages, through selective distribution channels, will be sent to dedicated investor databases to build long-term shareholder support. Key messaged include the following: President’s letters, conference calls, press releases, media advisories and material shareholder communications; and

• Media relations and corporate communications services to publicly traded companies aimed at creating favorable client coverage in the leading business/financial, trade, and social media realms, thereby helping maximize valuation of the Company’s common stock as well as raising awareness of the Company inside its particular industry.

With offices in New York City and Los Angeles, Hanover International is comprised of a talented team of professionals with proven expertise in the areas of corporate finance, market awareness, SEC law and compliance, market research and analysis, corporate management and new business development.